sorry, MOM. cant hear you over my LOUD GOTH MUSIC and GOTH ACCESSORIES. too many CRUCIFIXES in my EARS

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an actual suede confession there

i wanna go to another suede gig so i can shout at brett more

Hugh Dancy in the play Venus in Fur [2012] [c]

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honestly idk what to expect at gaga im wondering if i should bother at all with dressin up like… i know if youre dressed well you can Benefit but what if you get it wrong??? what if you look good but somehow make some sort of terrible faux pas?? can it go the other way is the question here rly

also im still clearing out my room i feel like it might never end i d ont even recognise some of this stuff

excuse me i have a rly bad headache and therefo re will not take responsibility for any shit posts i make tonight just a warning


my irl friends r my problematic faves

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